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Specialising in bespoke, natural look enhancements, Madame Brow is a cosmetic tattoo salon located in the stunning beachside town of Lakes Entrance in Victoria, Australia. 

Zoe (owner, operator and artist at Madame Brow) is a professionally trained cosmetic tattoo artist, visual artist, teacher and mother of two. Zoe's passion for portraiture, faces, beauty (and particularly brows!) dates back to her childhood, where she would sit for hours watching her mother, a Master porcelain doll maker, meticulously paint each individual hair stroke on the brows of her French replica porcelain dolls with delicate precision. At the age of 12, Zoe studied portraiture and has been painting portraits for over 20 years. Her passion for art and beauty inevitably lead her to the world of cosmetic tattoo, where she has developed a style that embraces the natural, unique beauty of each client. 


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