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What's your brow dream?


Feather Touch Brows 

Feather Touch Brow technique (also known as Microblading)  is a semi-permanent tattoo method which enhances brows by adding fine hair-like strokes to create volume, texture and perfect the brow shape. The procedure utilises a tiny micro-blade and organic pigment to mimic real hair strokes. Your feather touch tattoo will be individually customised, creating the perfect natural brows for YOU. Feather Touch Brows are perfect for clients seeking that super natural, soft look. It is also great for clients wanting to add volume or a bit of that extra, heavenly, Cara Delevigne kinda fluff!   

Ombre Brows 

Ombre Brow technique is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo method designed to create fullness and definition, by shading the brow to shape a soft natural appearance. The procedure utilises a tattoo machine with ultra-fine needles and organic pigment to create a gentle fade (ombre) from the front of the brow to the tail. The results look as if the brows have been filled in perfectly with makeup such as an eyebrow pencil or shadow. The ends of the brow are shaded slightly darker to add definition, giving a subtle ombre makeup effect. Ombre Brows are customised according to the the client's wishes, whether it be a soft make-up look,  or those wanting to add depth and drama to their brows, we got you! 

Combination Brows

Combination brows are exactly that, a blend of Feather Touch and Ombre Brows. This technique begins with feather touch hair strokes placed delicately throughout the brow to add texture, volume and symmetry, followed by the soft, ombre/powder technique to create shape and definition. Combination brows are perfect for clients who love a natural brow, with just a touch of well-defined sass. A personal favourite.

Gift Certificate

Be the most popular person this year by giving someone you care about the ultimate gift, DREAM BROWS. 

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All pricing includes your consultation on the day of your appointment and aftercare kit.

Brow Tattoo
Ombre, Combination or Feather Touch                    $499

Touch up (existing clients only)
4 - 10 weeks                                                                        $75
10 + weeks                                                                           $150

Touch up rates are for existing Madame Brow clients only.
Prices are subject to change.



My brows are so important to me to feel good and put together. Zoe transformed my brows into the natural and fuller brow that I have been wanting for years. I no longer use brow products because they are perfect. I felt my whole experience with Zoe was very personalised. She was very accommodating to my needs and had a wealth of knowledge in how the process would work with my brows. She made sure at each step she was checking in for my comfort and desired look of my brows. I’m so love in with my new brows and cannot wait for my next touch up with Zoe! xx

I had no hesitation in selecting Zoe to do my cosmetic brow tattoo, with an artist background Zoe has an eye for detail and sees the best end result before she even maps out the brow. I knew without doubt that Zoe had the ability to enhance my natural brow without going too bold as per my wishes, I now have very naturally enhanced even brows that don't require any of my time filling or working out symmetrically.

Thank you Zoe for fixing my uneven eyebrows! Having one slightly higher than the other was such a pain, but is no longer an issue after your meticulous strokes. Your attentiveness and our easy conversations during the process made me feel like we were new “old” friends.




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